How to Apply Zebra Bathroom Pattern Proportionally

Animal prints are getting more and more popular in fashion world. People start to use animal prints whether for their clothes, bags, shoes, wallets, or even house decoration. If you are a big fan of animal prints and you never get enough of it, you can apply animal prints decoration for your house. One of the examples that you can use is the zebra bathroom pattern. This zebra patter will change your bathroom into a fascinating place until you feel just too comfortable to use bathroom for short time. Below are some Tips to Apply Zebra Pattern for Bathroom.

Zebra Bathroom Pattern Application

The very basic thing of using animal prints for your house is that you have to use it proportionally. Animal prints are usually full of pattern or motifs. It means that if you use it too much, the room will look so crowded and it annoys your eyes. That is why you need to use proportionally. As for zebra bathroom pattern, since this pattern uses the strips of white and black, so it looks full and rich.
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In the bathroom, you have many choices to apply the zebra bathroom pattern. You can use it for yur flooring, walls, curtains, or even other bathroom accessories. Yet, as it is told before that you don’t need to make the whole room become zebra bathroom. Indeed, choosing one or two icons for your bathroom will be enough to turn your bathroom into an eye catching place. For instance, if you prefer zebra flooring, then it means that you don’t need to use zebra pattern for your walls because if you do it, you will feel so annoyed for being in the bathroom. Since you use zebra pattern, then you can complete the room with black and white accessories to make the color look harmonious.

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