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Pool Lighting Ideas – Complete Guide for Basic Types to Pros and Cons

Thinking maybe it’s time to upgrade and improve your pool lighting ideas? Perhaps, enhance the lighting of your pool edging?

There was a time, historically, when pool lighting served merely two real functions – namely to first assist you find your otherwise pitch black pool at night, and second to aid you avoid accidentally finding your otherwise pitch black pool at night, and thus prevent from accidentally plunge into it. Nonetheless, the days when pool lighting was only a means to ease a purposeful (or prevent an accidental) midnight falling have vanished. The world and the pool have changed since then.

Basic Knowledge

Accordingly, when you are particularly pursuing a new pool, you know it already – as well as your pool designer – about how crucial to take time and careful consideration regarding to choosing the type of pool lighting ideas and the right placement of that lighting. Those Thoughts will closely related to pursue the optimization of glow, the minimization of shadow, and the maximization of mood that also takes into account the shape and internal color of your pool, as well as of any features that it may have.

In the case you already own a pool and are only thinking about upgrading its lighting, you tend to be less aware of just how much, and how rapidly, pool lighting has developed over the past few years. Considerate and technologically advanced pool illumination and lighting do farther than merely warn you when and where not to tread water. Rather, they totally transform the look, the atmosphere, the mood of your pool, its environments, and even your whole property.

For your information, updating your existing pool lighting and retrofitting it with new lighting technology is neither as frightening nor as costly as you might worry. In fact, changing your old and starkly-lit pool is surprisingly not only somewhat simple; the reason is that its energy effectiveness will essentially save you money over time.

Types of Pool Lights

Fundamentally, there are 3 kinds of pool lighting ideas – Incandescent lights, Halogen lights, and LED (light-emitting diode).

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are considered as the traditional pool lights. You may particularly or commonly see them in such an ancient pool. Most of these bulbs are no longer available in today’s pool lighting standard.

These lights have their own benefits and drawbacks. Their advantages are low-budget buying price and allow us to find or not fall into pool at night. However, their shortcomings are, among others, energy inefficient, short life span, flat and harsh lighting, technological equivalent of VHS vs. DVD, and no longer available.

Halogen Lights

It can be said that halogen lights are, or perhaps were, the next generation of pool light technology. This lighting technology has been existed for decades. You will find halogen lights in most un-upgraded pools.

Halogen offers, as its benefits, between 10% and 20% more energy efficient compared to its predecessor incandescent lighting, longer lasting, and produces a more intense light – brighter and cleaner light.

However, as its downside, halogen lights will burn at a higher temperature. It will ask you to necessary replace the globe and the O-ring seal every year or so with average annual replacement cost between $15 – $100. In addition, halogen lights charge more expensive buying price (approximately four times than incandescent). These lighting ideas also emit intense glare rather than “warm” glow.

LED Lights

This lighting idea is the latest in lighting technology, and symbolizes sort of a revolution. LED lights generate rich and vibrant radiances, and travel further through the water, hence illuminating far more of your pool, and also more effectively.

The prominent visual difference between LED and halogen lighting is that LEDs radiate a light that is more of a warm glow as contrasting to the torchlight beam type of light released by halogen. This luminosity effect is predominantly visible in swimming pools with light colored interiors.

In addition, LEDs are available in a wide range of colors. You can change the colors by either the flick of a switch, the press of a remote, or at regular intervals via an automatically pre-programmed control. This feature is absolutely going to bathe your pool in stunning ever-changing and fading hues and shades of color. Even more, some recent brands offer their own smartphone app.

Plus, when talking about energy saving, LED lights come with such a big plus of 3 to 5 times more energy efficient than halogen; produce around 90% less heat; and have a life span of around 50,000 hours compared to around 1,000 hours for an incandescent light and around 5,000 hours for a halogen. Even the latest super bright LEDs boasts a life span of up to 70,000 hours!

Of course, you are going to find LED lights in more costly purchase price. Also, repairs are not an option, which means you have to replace the entire light.

Upgrading Your Pool Lights

What’s involved when you’re looking for upgrading your existing pool lighting fixtures? If you wish for updating your pool underwater lighting, it would be somewhat straightforward. In this case, typically you may expect to be able to employ the existing wiring already in place. It means eliminating the necessity either to drain your pool or to dig channels to run in new wiring. The only insignificant caution to this possibly when the original installer had failed to install the light with enough length of cable behind it in order to enable laid-back intertwining later.

In this case, you may find two types of pool light, namely flush lights and surface lights.

Flush lights

These lights are housed in, and lie flush with, the swimming pool wall consequently that only the face-plate of the light is visible. By and large, flush lights are likely to emit a narrower extent of light compared to Surface lights.

For upgrading Flush lights, the simplest retrofit method is to shift from a halogen to a LED light version, which is in the same brand. One of the reasons can be that each brand has a different shaped and sized casing. On the other hand, another simple way out is to switch your existing Flush lights with LED Surface lights.

Surface lights

These sorts of lights are sticking out from the pool wall and are mounted on a bracket. You may find that different brands will protrude more than others. Although they may possibly look less neat than a Flush light, Surface lights normally release a wider spread of light.

If you want to upgrade Surface lights, there are a number of LED retrofit conversion mounting brackets available, frequently with worldwide compatibility across multiple brands, and with multi-voltage compatibility across the range of 12-32V transformers used for swimming pool illumination.