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Creative and Decorative String Lights for Bedroom to Create Particular Effects and Moods

It is true that applying string lights will not only limited to the holidays or especially for your home outdoor ornamental and entertaining spaces. You may have the sparkling glows from these sorts of lighting fixtures even every day, in your room – personal bedroom.

With decorative string lights for bedroom, you are able to pursue such a warmth and romance, magical to playful effect while at the same time offering the ambient light you wish for. These string lights are available in broad range of styles and can be adjusted to fit your décor. Moreover, they are also budget-conscious in nature.

One of gorgeous choices for these decorative string lights for bedroom can be found in small, clear lights which also known as fairy lights. They would be perfectly splendid when being matched with sheer fabrics. To name some of creative applications, you my hang these fairy lights along your bed headboard combined with sheer drapes on the wall behind the bed; or else, you may hang them across the frame of a four-poster bed to create such a dreamy canopy.

Of course, there are still countless more creative ideas for you to pursue, and let them show their effects to your moods.

Dreamy Bedroom

Decorative string lights are going to offer you such a whimsical look regardless where you hang them. Even more, you have the dreamy look to your personal sleeping space by combine their loveliness with the charm that any bedroom has. Furthermore, string lights also own some features like flexibility and the variety of styles. Likewise, you are able to create some truly remarkable and creative designs.

  • If you happen to own a canopy bed, you may hang string lights to create twinkling draperies. They’re going to offer you with magical or even princess’s layer look. If you don’t have that kind of canopy bed, you still can hang draperies and string lights from the ceiling.
  • Another idea for a string light headboard can be the one which has string lights inside and also functions as a bright nightlight or mood lighting.

  • To create an accent piece, you can wrap string lights around a branch or a piece of driftwood, which can be nicely displayed above your bed. Even, you can change it into a reading light source by add it with a switch.
  • Still talking about reading lights and task lighting in general, you may simply hang string lights from a nail hammered in the wall. They are going to a great replacement for your bedside table lamp.
  • Still, a ladder can act as a nightstand replacement in a bedroom or simply as an accent piece. Decorate it with globe lights to make it stand out a little more.
  • You can have a breezy drapery behind the bed to replace a headboard. These light draperies can be see-through, and you are able to hide string lights behind it to produce a whimsical effect.
  • You may pursue some contrasts in your sleeping space with, for example, black string lights on a white wall.
  • If you have an attic bedroom or even a pitched roof bedroom, hang string lights on the ceiling can be one of those creative options.

  • Create something custom to personalize the walls of your bedroom. For example, make some wall art that lights up and you can also send a message. In the same way, you can attach string lights to a board and create custom messages, drawings, etc.
  • Perhaps, one more super simple and actually pretty noticeable way of making a rope light strand. Take some rope and a string of lights, preferably white. Weave the lights with the rope by twisting. Wrap it up in a circle and hang it somewhere or simply display it on your dresser or nightstand.

Vintage and Shabby Bedroom

You can add a touch of glow to your vintage or shabby chic bedroom by applying simple strings of plain indoor fairy lights. Wind them around your bed frame for that rustic touch or drape them around a mirror for some added glimmering twinkle.

If you’re fond of mirror dressing, you can choose for dainty rose fairy lights which look fabulous draped around a vintage mirror. They are going to evoke such a dazzling warm glow and look correspondingly charming when they are switched off.

If you’re wishing for something even more atmospheric, some curtain lights to fall behind some vintage white net curtains can be one of the perfect choices for pursuing a beautiful ambience at night. Curtain lights will also look remarkable when being hung on top of a canopy above a bed. They would be perfect for a little girl who always dreams of her own fairyland-style bedroom.

Also, you may create a romantic and shabby-chic idea by framing your headboard with a string light bunting banner. This banner may act as a fake headboard as well, if you’d rather not have an actual one.

Girly Bedroom

For girly look to your personal sleeping space, you can play with some floral fabric and build your own fairy light-covered tent, or you may use some cheap white netting or fabric to hang above your bed for creating that super feminine touch.

If you are considering making a canopy, you could even use multi-colored or pink fairy lights depending on how girly you want to pursue.

Minimalistic and Modern Bedroom

If you prefer for minimalistic or all things modern, a string of festoon lights somewhere in your bedroom can be one of the best alternatives. Festoon lights are the perfect pair for a monochrome bedroom. They would also create such look great in a contemporary studio apartment.

You may string them against a white wall. However, if your bedroom is painted in understated tones of black and white, then you may apply a string of festoon lights on black cable. These festoon string lights are also available in various splashes of colors as well.

If you want more, you may also try some of these awesome and creative ideas: winding some white fairy lights around your bed frame or a mirror; or, apply some bright white LED fairy lights on clear cable for a clean, tidy and minimalistic look. They will definitely freshen up your room in an instant way.

Eccentric Bedroom

To give such a quirky touch to your bedroom, you may try to use string lights to create a fake headboard for your bed. You may play with different shapes and sizes, and see what you can make. In fact, they can be so cute!

You can create your own fairy light wall by using warm white fairy lights. For example, you can simply drape the lights over some small picture hooks and hang photos from some mini pegs. Keep it peculiar using colorful photographs, birthday cards or, if you wish for a real vintage feel, you may apply black and white or sepia photos for pursuing that old-school look.